After the black and white fungus, Avascular hgh for sale Necrosis has become a big challenge for post-COVID patients. It is considered a complication that arises from the steroids given to the COVID patients, and the symptoms of the condition appear a few months following the diagnosis.

Patients who have recovered from COVID are at high risk of post-covid complications. The virus damages the respiratory system of a patient to a point where it becomes extremely vulnerable to other infections. Bone death or Avascular Necrosis of the bone is one such post-covid complication that has become a new worrying factor for COVID patients.

Dr. Shailendra Patil, a leading orthopedic surgeon in Thane, has seen over 5 cases of Avascular Necrosis in the past few months. Two cases had progressed to a point where total hip replacement surgery was prescribed. Avascular Necrosis is a serious arthritis condition in which the improper blood supply to the bones kills them gradually. This portion of the bone dies, but it does not collapse immediately as the area is surrounded by a solid structure. However, the condition is extremely painful and has a profound impact on the patient’s mobility.

If the person develops pain around the hip area and is unable to move and walk properly, they should seek immediate treatment from orthopedic specialists. The sooner the treatment is given to the AVN patient, the lesser the chances they will need surgery. Those who were given steroids to improve lung functioning are more prone to develop AVN on their hips.

The easiest way to get a diagnosis for AVN is by taking the prescribed medical tests, including an MRI (as the X-rays might not give a detailed picture). Early diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis in post-covid patients increases the chances of fast recovery.If the condition remains untreated for long, the patient will start experiencing the pain even when lying down.

The symptoms are not felt at the first stage of Avascular Necrosis. Though it may kill the bones, the pain doesn’t feel too serious to be treated. In some cases, the pain from AVN goes unnoticed for several days, until the condition reaches a stage where the patient loses complete mobility. The doctors at the orthopedic clinic in Mulund mentioned that the pain in the AVN patients is felt when they lift weights.


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