Many people think that repairing their St louis deck builders  is something that they just can’t do. It may be that sometimes you can’t, but if your deck is still in fair shape and by fair I mean not falling down you should be able to tackle it if you are willing to learn a few things.

You have to admit looking at a deck that is starting to sag is not very appealing not to mention it is also an accident waiting to happen. Leaving it sit there will only make things worse and if you wait too long you’re going to be sorry because it will cost you more and may need some professional help.

Keeping a deck in top shape is a lot easier and cheaper than trying to fix one that is starting to fall apart most decks will last for a lifetime if you take the time to maintain them on a regular basis. Wooden decks are the first to show their age and anytime you want to redo one you need to look at the condition it is in to ascertain if it is beyond hope and better to start from scratch.

Grey, warped or even slightly cracked boards are salvageable and can be restored. With a little time and some manual labour you can quickly make them look like new. Start with going over your deck and look for nails that are starting to pop out. I like to replace any nails I can see with deck screws because they hold better, just make sure your screws are bigger than the nail so it actually will hold the wood down.

If you run across any boards that are warped really bad you may want to replace them otherwise try your best to get them straight. After you have repaired any structural damage proceed to clean and restore the beauty of the wood. I recommend using a non-toxic organic cleaner like oxygen bleach. It is quite easy to use and will not harm you or your property. Simply follow the instructions you get with it and you’ll not have a problem.

Before you add the stain and sealer make sure you give it a couple of days to properly dry out. Make certain that the treatment you put on your wood will be able to block the harmful UV rays from the sun or your deck will turn ugly really fast. Generally speaking the darker your stain the more UV protection it has, but that is not always the case. Read the package material before you buy anything to make certain you have something that will work for you.


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