Las Vegas, or Sin City as it is otherwise known, is the party capital of America and boasts some of the best best cancun bars on the Planet.

At the top of my list is the Playboy Club at The Palms. It is the only Playboy Club in the world at present and not only offers a unique clubbing experience in true Playboy style, but it also boasts 9 Blackjack tables and a Roulette table inside the club! This takes your Las Vegas clubbing experience to another level, being served by Playboy Bunny’s, dancing and gambling included! This is a clubbing experience not to be missed.

Another favourite is Moon at The Palms, who seem to be cornering the Las Vegas clubbing market with such extraordinary clubs on offer! Moon is just an elevator ride up from the Playboy Club on the 52nd floor and this is the ultimate in futuristic clubbing! Moon is located on the top floor, in the penthouse and is home to a mind bending moon styled retractable roof, which opens while you dance your way around the laser infused fog on the dance floor below. On top of that the colour changing glass wall tiles are ever in tune with whichever beats the DJ is spinning! Get yourself over there now and step into the future!

If you are looking to hang out with some famous faces then The Bank at The Bellagio is the place for you. Walk through the sensuous foyer into a 6500 square foot nightclub fantasy. This elegant and exclusive high energy nightclub offers patrons the best in service and quality, with multi tiered VIP booths positioned around a glass enclosed dance floor. Make sure you are dressed to impress and that your wallet is fat!

Wherever you choose to go and throw some shapes on a dance floor, Las Vegas is the ultimate place to go clubbing and has something for everyone!


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