The details of the room are what make it memorable, from the walls to the floor and everything in between. This is especially important in high traffic areas, such as the living room or dining room, which make the longest lasting impression on visitors, guests, family members, and friends. Adding Hobe Sounds architects detail in the dining room can be a great way to introduce sophistication to the home or dress up an otherwise neutral space within your house.

Touches at the top and bottom of the room make a much larger and longer impression than you might initially think. Baseboards and molding add architectural detail to the room, especially designs that match what you have in other rooms. This adds to the home’s cohesive flow as well, as the eyes catch the things that match and do not coordinate very quickly from once space to another.

A chair rail is a great way to use architectural details to break up monotony in the room, especially in a dining room where there is little space to add furniture pieces. Make sure that the chair rail either matches or coordinates with the molding and baseboards so that the room still has a finished and polished look. There are many interesting chair rail designs to choose from, in many interesting colors and shapes for a contemporary or traditional dining room. Most are made from wood, but a few are made from other materials.

Changing the flat surface of the ceiling adds a perfect architectural detail in the dining room, and it can be a great way to scale down a large dining room to make it look much cozier. Many home improvement retailers can give you tips on what types of beams work best for a particular ceiling, and use contrasts to make the color more interesting. For instance, if your ceiling is light colored, use a dark-colored stain for the beams to break up the look of the ceiling and add architectural interest in the dining room.

Recessed and spot lighting are great ideas if you want something interesting to add to your architectural details. The recessed lights are modern and sophisticated, and add the perfect touch of lighting in any room. Spotlights can highlight the most beautiful features or focal points in the room, so they are a great idea if you have something that you want to showcase, such as ceiling beams. Adding a group of lights, such as a row of spotlights, can be a great way to highlight several key points in the room, from the ceiling to artwork, and can help you create conversation starters.

You might not think that color has a big effect on the architectural details in the room, but it actually plays a huge role. Experts recommend using striking color contrasts to show off the architecture, such as dark furniture with light flooring. The walls should be on one end of the spectrum with the flooring on the other, and the ceiling can exhibit one or both shades for the perfect coordination.


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