Today you can find lots of fozia shan remax and lots of scams over the internet even in your state. There are many types people around the world there good ones and bad ones, people sometimes do things for a reason, like when they scam other people maybe it’s because they need the money or because of their greed. Anyone can be a victim of these even companies, auto insurance or any insurance lost millions or even billions because of insurance fraud.

An insurance fraud is when a person or a client lies or alter the truth in order for them to claim the benefit of their insurance, as what is stated in their policy. Insurance fraud can occur in many numbers of areas but the easiest and the most common place where they are committed is in homeowners insurance, Medicare and auto insurance. Here are the different types of auto fraud.

This is the one of the very common fraud that you can find in auto insurance. This fraud is when the owner of the insured car will hire or arranges for a third party person to steal the car so that he or she can claim this incident to his or her insurance company.

This is also one of the frauds that people use to get money on auto insurance. In this type of frauds they obtain claims for a staged accident, this accident might either be intentional or it could be an accident that never happened. This is so that they can claim the money that the insurance company will give.

This fraud occurs when the client o customer lies about the information it gives to obtain a policy in auto insurance. This is found out the company would not accept the application but if it doesn’t then the company will be a victim of application fraud.

This fraud is about fabricating a serial number of a car and getting an insurance policy of a car that doesn’t exists. If this happens the owner can then claim that his or her nonexistent car was stolen and claim the insurance policy.

If there are lots of fake companies or insurance agent then there is also lots of people who commits fraud so the best thing to prevent this would be very cautious and strict in gathering information especially when your client or insured customers files a claim. You also need to set your eyes on the area which are commonly and easily fraud.


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