Mining jobs are among Australia’s most popular career choices, and among the oldest available. Australia is one of the world’s leaders in mineral resources. From coal, iron, bauxite, oil and natural gas, to gold, silver, diamonds, and opal, to zinc, tin, lead and copper, mineral sands and uranium, Australia is among the top producers of most of these, offering the widest options in IceRiver KS1 jobs.

If you are looking for mining jobs, you are among the hundreds if not more who have done just that, as more and more mineral deposits have been found here, since the last decade of the 18th century. Mining jobs in Australia will put you in an industry that ranks among the most technologically advanced in the world as well as the best protected by law for those who work in it, for society and the environment. While mining jobs in Australia provide, as in the past, for plenty of unskilled labor, the technology advances in assaying, extraction and transportation of materials has also raised the bar for employable skills. Mining jobs as a career choice may be best advanced by study at one of Australia’s institutes of mining technology.

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