Let’s get something straight here, there are a multitude of internet business File a scam complaint operating on the internet as we speak. There is however a lot of attention given to the subject without seriously considering some of the most common reasons you hear the word a scam as it relates to some business opportunities.

“Scams, scams, they are all scams except ours.” Yah right! One of the primary marketing techniques of some is to put up scam reports about their competition. What better way to keep people away from your competition then to create scam rumors on the internet. Scam reports are a dime a dozen and behind most of those reports you will discover a business opportunity promotion, curious.

Then there is another source of scam reports out there. These are coming from the misled opportunity seeker who discovered it takes real work to be a success on the net. When these people face challenges instead of overcoming them, they scream scam. There have been so many people who have failed in this industry, not because the opportunity was a scam but because they just quit trying and gave up. It really shouldn’t surprise you because those who lack any real wisdom love to play the blame game.

There have been a lot of misleading claims about many legitimate online business opportunities on the internet. Just because someone is reporting scam doesn’t mean that it is. In fact most scam reports are not based on reality. Perhaps we should label scam reports in three categories.

One, a promotional scare tactic. Two, someone trying to justify their failure. Three, legitimate. Whatever the case is when you see a scam report consider that all reports are not what they seem to be. Do your due diligence when investigating an opportunity. Don’t sell your future short because of some ignorant internet business scams report. It could cost you a fortune.


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