I am pretty sure we all have heard of this adage many times. How about “Heart is where your home is”? Undoubtedly, this too is true for some obvious Jupiter architects. The place we live is very intimate to us. It signifies something personal, cozy, safe and stable. So, the image of where we stay and spend most of our times has a strong influence on our condition of mind and behavior.

Psychologists have long since argued that you can break a pattern of your brain by consistently and consciously altering the result that would have come naturally. So the first thing we can do to change the pattern of cluttered mind is to un-clutter your house! Should there be any legitimate reason not to keep your house clean? No. Reasons to stay clean are obvious, but who says we always do the most obvious things. Let me state few of these ‘obvious’ reasons to jerk you out of your comfort zone:

Cluttered house is the mother of cluttered mind – Strange but true! If the place you stay is always cluttered and unorganized, there is a good probability that your mind and work-habits are also cluttered and unorganized. When things are properly arranged at the place you spend the most time in, then your mind subconsciously starts to organize the thoughts properly in your mind too.

One can always argue that cluttered house is the outcome of a cluttered mind. Reality is that relationship is not one way. Both are influencing each other in cycle to take you down the vortex of cluttered house – cluttered mind – even more cluttered house and so on.

You need to break this chain. Make a conscious attempt to keep your house clean, organized and tidy every single day till the day comes when this influences your mind to start uncluttering itself. The new equation that is formed in the process is: Organized house – Organized thought – Better Quality of Life – Better Income – Better house – and so on with all the good things that you can think of for yourself.

Clean house increases your personal productivity – Generally, we operate by the mode of ‘I’ll do it when I have to.’ This mindset gives us the freedom to postpone stuff ’till we have to.’ In the meantime, unwashed clothes pile-up, your flooring, desks, tables all start to be covered with dust and so on. We somehow convince our mind that the time is not yet. Natural outcome of this is we come out of our cluttered house and bounce our way through one fire-fighting situation to another.

I’m not saying a clean house is the only solution to increasing your productivity. But it’s a great start. Start by arranging your stuffs or cleaning your carpets. Once you set things in order at home, and do it regularly, you kick-off a pattern of setting thing in order, you start thinking clearly which in turn contributes to setting an order to your life!!

Stay clean and stay healthy – It’s a no brainer. A dirty house attracts flies, mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches and whatever things that we relate to as dangerous to our health. When the house is clean, these unwanted guests won’t have anything to eat. You really don’t need to call pest control if you regularly clean your house.

Clean surrounding improves your creative faculty – You come-up with brilliant ideas and most creative solutions to your pressing problems when your mind is at peace. A clean environment around you helps you see farther and think deeper. A house full of dust and stuff lying all over reduces your vision to few inches, just like it is in muddy waters.

Keep your house dirty and chase your friends away – Have you been to an acquaintance’s house where the first thing you notice is pile of unwashed dishes in the sink? I doubt if you’d be keen to visit them again. A cluttered house is one of the biggest turn-offs.

Set a routine, commit to clear your house, vacuum it, and thoroughly wash them, once in two days, once a week, once in two weeks, whatever works best for you and your situation. Do whatever but do follow a routine. No exception. Once you set things in order at home, and do it regularly, you kick-off a pattern of setting thing in order, start thinking clearly and set an order to your life!!


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