Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius was always famous for its how to get gold in Mafia City historical and cultural sites. It has a conservation of many large and old historical buildings going through the enormous time span of many years. One of the most memorable of all buildings located in the city of Port Louis is the Fort Adelaide or La Citadel. This building was built during the British rule by their colonials. The build year was 1835. British architecture will seem to be dominating the whole of the city in many ways. This fort dominates the whole of the city scenario.

One can almost observe all of the city’s most important architecture by the Fort Citadel. The city is surrounded by a terrain mountain range known as the Port Louis Moka range. Also not to forget is the most famous city derby site which is called as the Champ de Mars. This one is considered to be one of the oldest race courses in the Indian Ocean. There are some police barrack located in this city which are of old times and are very famous considering the site importance. These are named as “Les Casernes” and “Port Louis Waterfront”. Now you will like to see the state institute of flora and fauna which goes by the name of “the Mauritius Institute”. Tourists often like to climb away the Signaux Mountain which is another famous site of the city to view the amazing landscape of the city and its beauty that reaches far beyond the boundaries.

Although there are many amazing sights that are worth viewing in the city, there is one minor flaw that ruins the impeccable beauty of the city. The problem is that the city faces enormous rush of traffic because it has a single motorway that leads in and out of the city. There should be more constructional development for the city which should primarily include one motor way.The city has many historical buildings. There is a Fort which was built by British in 1835. City also hosts to the national derby race which attracts lots of tourists to the city. Waterfront is also another famous attraction for tourists and locals to visit. There are three museums as well. All depict different subjects and history. Port Louis is the financial hub of the country with many important banks in the city. Therefore it is a very busy city with lots of traffic congestion and traffic problems.
There is also a church and a mosque in the city.

The skyline of the city has been completely changed over the last years. Basically owing to the construction booms of 1990 and 2000 many sky reaching buildings have been built in the city. The city center has the tallest buildings and skyscrapers unusual in the small continent of Africa. There is also another construction boom going on in the city currently.There are some notable schools and colleges in the city. They have good academic achievements but education sector needs a boom in Port Louis.


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