Any time you head to a cat mxl tv, you likely face the event with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. If you are a first timer to showing cats, you can rest assured that with a little preparation, you and your felines will be ready on the big day. Whether you are showing a special breed of cat or you are entering a favorite household pet into the cat show, planning ahead of time will make it a much more pleasant experience for both you and your cat. Here are some helpful hints on what to bring to a cat show as an exhibitor.

A carrier is an absolute must. Not only will it help you safely transport your cat to the show and back home, the carrier will keep your feline comfortable and secure while at the cat show. Purchase a metal or plastic (not cardboard) cat carrier that is roomy enough for your cat to turn around in and lay down. Make sure it includes a sturdy handle and a door that latches securely. Each cat should have its own carrier, with the exception of kittens who can ride along in groups of three at most. This will ensure that your cats are as calm as possible while you travel, and it will reduce he chances of injury during transport.

Cage curtains are a necessity – helping to keep your cat, and his/her neighbors calm and safe from bites or scratches. The velvety cat show curtains line the outsides and floor of the cage and allow your cat privacy and security while waiting to be judged. Cat show curtains can usually be purchased from other cat breeders at the show. You can also sometimes find animal supplies retailers in the back of cat magazines or animal show supply catalogues. But there are lots of sites online that also sell pre-made or custom made cat show curtains. Or, if you don’t want to invest in cat show curtains yet, you can use simple towels or even a bed sheet to make sure your cat has privacy and can’t see his/her neighbors.

Cat toys are a must to keep your cat busy during long periods while sitting inside the show cage. It is very important to keep cats of all ages stimulated while they are trying their best to behave around so many people and other animals. Kittens especially need lots of activity and you can bring their favorite toys along inside their carriers or to engage them in play while at the show. You can also invite guests of the cat show to see your cats (though for hygenic reasons they should probably not handle your cats). While between show rings, it’s a great time to get to know potential kitten buyers and to network with other cat breeders.

Beauty and health supplies are also important to bring to a cat show. You would never bring a dirty cat to a judge at a cat show, so you will want to bring along things like combs, brushes, nail clippers/file, waterless shampoo, and towels to keep kitty fresh and clean. A small bottle of baby powder can be a life saver for wet bottom accidents. You also want to bring along baggies with food, bottles of fresh drinking water, clean eating bowls and specific litter if your cat may not like the usual litter provided at the show.

Along with the supplies that you need to care and show your cat, you may want to bring along any breed information and pedigree paperwork you have for your cat. Have your cat’s shot and health or veterinary records with you to verify that your cat is licensed and has all rabies and FIV shots. This is especially important for the safety of your cat as well as others at the show. Also note that if you are selling kittens or other things like gifts or toys, beds, etc, then you need to have permisson from the show administration before-hand.

If you are prepared and bring all the necessary supplies for the cat show, you should have a positive experience. You may even make some great contacts and leave with a prize winning pet.


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